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Here’s what some of our Manville, NJ customers are saying about us:

  • Absolutely do great HONEST work, but more importantly...are wonderful people that will go beyond what they are asked to do.

    David Tomalonis Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

    When I had my 1st ac cident in alittle more 20 yrs.,I read the review on their website how this person wrote a bad review because I found it to be very untrue.they go there way to assist you.Im handicap they bent over backwards to help. On the day I picked up my car I was rear ended yes again ! Wayne the owner came and picked up my car. Like I said,they go out of their way to help. I think they re very fair in their prices I'm the first to write a bad review when I see bad work.

    Charles Tennen Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

    I could not be happier with my experience with the guys at Niro's. It's only been a week since my accident and not only do I have my car back but it looks better than ever. If you're looking for excellence, professionalism, courtesy, and even humor, I highly recommend Niro's.

    Stefanie Wardensky Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review
  • Hello Wayne, I just wanted to thank you for a perfect job you guys did on the 4 Runner. Looks beautiful! We appreciate it. Thank you

    Christine Levan Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

    I can’t thank you all enough for helping repair my daughters vehicle so quickly. It is greatly appreciated. I’ve been working in the insurance industry since 1980 and know that most of the time the body shops only hear complaints when something isn’t done correctly or took too much time. This was not our experience. From the moment I walked in your front door, you both were eager to help. Without hesitation you said it was no problem and that you would be glad to do the repair. After speaking with my daughter yesterday, she couldn’t have been any happier. The vehicle was dropped off, she was taken to work and when she arrived back after work, the vehicle was completed. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks again for a job well done, and I’m sure she won’t hesitate to recommend Niro’s when someone asks here where to take a vehicle for repairs.

    Phil Czapla Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

    There is no other body shop that can top the service and repair work that Niro's can do. They are very happy to help you get the best work done and if they can work with you to get it done fast they will make every effort to make it happen. I can't say enough good things about them. Two thumbs up! Thank you Wayne Laurie and everyone there for having so much pride in your work and giving superior customer service.

    Cheryl Carrigan Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review
  • If you ever have a need to have any work done on your car, that the Niro family does...I suggest going there first. My car was in a bad accident and they renewed it to look like brand new. No one could tell I'd even had an accident. They matched my paint perfectly, mechanically fixed it, to bring it back to it's best running condition, and the bodywork was impeccable !! This isn't even mentioning the fast, efficient service I got..and the fact that they went out of their way to accomodate my every need. They made everything very easy for me. This, plus the friendliest, most respectful staff you can find. Bring your business to Niro's...You will never regret it !!

    Joan L. Smith Merchant Circle Review

    I am also a customer of Niros. My father, mother, sister, and I have had numerous jobs done at Niros over the past 15 years. From Mr. Niro to Wayne the service, quality, and professionalism has been and remains top notch. If you want the job done right and great customer service, Niro's is the place.

    Gaurav K. Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

    If you ever need any type of bodywork or paint done to your can trust Niro's to do it right for you, and at a reasonable cost. You also won't have any need to wait months to get your vehicle back unless some kind of out of the ordinary circumstance has happened & there's no other way to get your repair done right, but wait for it. They are very reputable, trustworthy & honest people. They also do great work and stand behind every job they do. I had a paint job done several years prior, and it started to peel away, when my friend accidentally let my power washer hit the car. I took in my car...and without question, they re-did the paint job at no cost to me. Looked brand new again & Still does. If your ever unhappy with anything they've done, they will remedy it until you are happy & at no cost to you. They have always gotten my jobs done very fast & saved me money in rental car costs. They also drove me home after I left my car there & also picked me up when it was ready. Who does that these days ?? Not I, nor any other customer who was in there when I was, had any complaints Just the opposite. I was very impressed. A body shop is not looking to appear like a hotel lobby; so if you expect Niro's to, you may walk out. You'll be making a mistake if you do tho. Of course your going to find dirt there. Do you have your vehicle detailed before you bring it in for service ? I don't think so....I've been to shops where their front office is cleaner, but their work stunk !! My 1st experience with Niro's was a paint job, and when I got it home, my children & husband couldn't tell anything had been done to it. That's how perfect the job was done. It was matched impeccably. Plus all the new parts fit perfectly together. Nobody could tell my car just had $8000. worth of repairs done to it. I was more than pleased with my experience at Niro's & will continue to go to them & recommend everyone I know to use them also. I'll recommend them to people I don't know too. I actually just did because my friend just had a little fender-bender tonight & the person they hit didn't know where to take their car to get it fixed, so I sent them to Niro's. I know they can be trusted not to rip them off or do a bad repair. They better not...cause my friend has to pay for it !! lol I sure hope they stay in business for a long, long time...cause I don't know where I will go if I need a repair & Niro's is gone. I have nobody else to trust. Good job Niro's !! I know anyone who writes anything bad about you online has got to have some kind of chip on their shoulder & has misdirected their anger at you. I know you stand behind every job you do. There's no way you would ignore a customer feeling unhappy with the work you did for them. If anybody thinks so, they should just try using you for their needs & they will see how wrong that person was. Thank you for being here Niro's. And thank you for repairing my car so well, & standing behind your work.

    midnite Niro's Auto Body Inc Customer Review

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